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29/6 update: I’ve removed “Twitter” from the heading as use of hashtags has extended beyond Twitter and can now be seen in Facebook and G+, for example :)

Q:        I’m new to Twitter. Where should I start?

A:        I’d suggest you start here. It’s a “scoop” containing links to introductory articles.

Q:     What is a hashtag?

A:        It’s a word beginning with the  #(hash) symbol. Only the Roman alphabet and numbers are allowed. No spaces or special characters are permitted. It can be placed anywhere within a tweet. Cases are irrelevant, i.e. upper and lower cases are treated alike.

Q:        What purpose does it serve?

A:        It is used to mark keywords or topics. It’s useful for categorizing messages and is searchable by search engines.

Q:        How does it work?

A:        If you click on the hashtag, you’ll get all the latest tweets with that tag. You can do a search on it and if you’re using a Twitter client such as Tweetdeck, you can set columns for hashtags of your choice.

Q:        Who controls them?

A:        This is both its strength and its weakness. There is no control or ownership of hashtags whatsoever. Anyone can create a hashtag
         and anyone can tweet with any hashtags. Only Twitter
Terms of Service apply

Q:        How can it work then?

A:        It works because it relies on tweeps being respectful people. There are always party poopers everywhere, but, by and large, people
         obey the unwritten etiquette.

Q:        So, there are no rules?

A:        The unwritten rules are:

  1. Don’t spam with hashtags. Use hashtags on tweets relevant to the topic.
  2. Don’t over-hashtag. Two or three should be enough.
  3. Avoid using established hashtags for a different topic. It’s rather irritating to have your column of #ELT bombarded by some silly MOR pop song propaganda.

        This is one of the reasons why I started this document. I’m hoping it will be used by all educators using hashtags so that duplication
         can be avoided. Doing a general index is not within my scope at the moment.

Q:        Can I add a hashtag?

A:        Yes, you can, and please do. It used to be that you can do it directly onto this document but persistent abuse means that I had to remove that right. On the plus side for the majority, it’s far simpler now. Just fill in the form here:



First grade teachers chat on Sundays at 8pm ET. See here Also, 1st Chat blog


International 1:1 Computing Conference, Dec 2-3, 2013, Atlanta, GA


Discussion about 1:1 devices in the classroom.

Note: some issue with Google Docs which prevents me from inserting links.


21st century learner


21st century educators


Second grade teachers chat every Wednesday at 7pm CST


Third grade teachers chat on Wednesdays at


3D Holographic Technology for Educators


3D Holographic MOOCs


A twitter chat for Instructional Technology Staff. Takes place on Fridays. See here


Fourth grade teachers chat on Mondays at 8 pm ET 7 pm CT. See here.


Fifth grade teachers chat on Tuesdays at 8pm ET



Alberta Educators and Alberta Department of Education


Addysg Cymru. Platform for Welsh educators. See here.


Slow chat for Tweple who are interested in education in Africa


afterschool programs and afterschool program resources


Talk for Alabama  Governor's honors students in the class of 2014


The American History Teacher’s Collaborative (a TAH project) @AHTC_Urbana116


AIM (Accelerative Integrated Method) language teachers here


GCE Advanced Level (A-level) discussions


Alternative careers for academics


Andragogy (man-leading) - Adult & Vocational Education See here. See also #VocEd.


Anibal Pacheco :: Instructional Technology Solutions - Helping Educators build Learning Networks with like-minded professionals who are passionate about sharing knowledge. See here.


art education


arts education chat


fortnightly chat hosted by British Council. See here.


discussion on Asia literacy topics (language, culture, history, geography)


for anyone interested in assistive technology tools, strategies, and practices


platform for ELT in Australia. See here.


Australian Teacher Librarian chat


for anyone interested in things related to autism


Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) topics



Ga     A group of teachers dedicated to fight against corporate educational reform


Bring A School to Twitter - Building a collection of schools who tweet, to give those writing and reading these a wider audience.


Bring a Teacher to Twitter. Encouraged for use with tweets and posts for teachers new to twitter, to help them get the most out of Twitter professionally. Also used to encourage new followers. See here.

There are also country-specific derivatives, including #batttuk, #batttie et al.


platform for British Columbia educators. See here.


Weekly discussion about a variety of education topics for teachers in BC. Sunday's at 7pm PST.


General education information for British Columbia educators (or anyone else who wants to contribute)


Business English Special Interest Group of IATEFL. See here.


BreakFast Chat New Zealand @kerriattamatea


highly-recommended blog postings


chat platform for the Brazilians. See here.


join the fight against bullying


new popular words

#BYOD4L, #BYOD4Lchat

Bring your own device for learning



Cambridge English: Advanced


California educator chat; Sunday 8:00 pm PST


Common Core State Standards


Canadian Ed Chat for Educators


Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, formerly 'Certificate in English Language

Teaching to Adults', hence the acronym.


discussions and quotations related to Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a Montessori based religious ed program used in numerous parochial school worldwide


Content and Language Integrated Learning


comments on students’ posts. See here.


Connected Principals. See here.


continuous/continuing professional/personal development. See also #profdev.


Cambridge English: Proficiency


creative education ideas/stories/resources


Cybergogy - Cybernetics & Education See here



Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


Discovery Educator Network chat.


demand-high ELT. See here.


MOOC on ed-tech to differentiate instruction.  Twitter chats Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6-7pm AKST


digital citizenship


Educational content related to digital and online badges @wavesbryant


Discussion of IT in education, largely UK based.


digital pedagogy. See here.


Discussion on using student Digital Leaders. Every Thursday at 9pm UK Time


discussion on dogme or teaching unplugged


Questions and answers about best practices in the secondary drama classroom @dramaclassnow


Design Thinking in grades K-12; Every Wednesday at 9pm US-EST/6pm US-PST; Post-chat show GHO



English as an additional language. See here.


English for academic purposes


English for Academic Purposes discussions. See here.


early education. See #kinderchat


Edublogs retweets of teacher blog posts. See also #blogmust


early childhood education. See also: #earlyed...


AS level Economics Module 1, mostly news clippings & resources relevant to Economics


AS level Economics Module 2, mostly news clippings & resources relevant to Economics


A2 level Economics Module 3, mostly news clippings & resources relevant to Economics


A2 level Economics Module 4, mostly news clippings & resources relevant to Economics


educational apps


discussions on educational books, #edbkchat is a good resource for continuing education, Wednesdays at 4pm EST.


Conference Model Built on Collaboration. See here.


global education discussions. See here.


specially for Irish educators. See here.


Massachusetts USA education news, issues and ideas. See here.


chat for the South African education community. See here.


Chat for New Zealand Educators


pre-service teachers - chat every other Tuesday 8 pm EST


technology for educational purposes


Technology and education stream for British Columbia educators (but anyone is welcome to contribute)


Why another? Obsolete. Use #edtech


better to use #edu, but it’s really too general.


Educational Coach (such as a learning coach)


Outcome Based Education OBE


resources for DIY approach to technology in education


obsolete. Why use an extra character? Use #edtech


English as a foreign language


Early Intervention


English as an International Language (aka Global English)


I’d suggest using this rather than the longer #elearning


platform for elementary/primary school educators. See here.


English as a lingua franca, but I’m afraid you’ll get lots of other non-related stuff


English language learning


English language learning chat platform. See here.


English language teachers/teaching


English language teaching discussions. See here.


English language teacher training chat.


Images by teachers for teachers. Licensed under Creative Commons. See here.


All things higher ed enrolment management related! Thurs 9PM ET


for English teachers. See here.


Tweets for English learners. Consider using only #twinglish.


Obsolete. Use #twinglish.


Conversation about environmental education. May also include experiential and outdoor education. #EnviroEdchat meets Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. EST. See archived #EnviroEd chats..


English as a second language


English for Speakers of Other Languages


English for specific purposes


English teachers association of Switzerland. See here.



Cambridge English: First


Forsyth County Schools (GA) shares ways that it is leading the nation with Instructional Technology


Follow Friday. Used for recommending teachers worth following. Used on Fridays. See #TT


all about Finnish education. See here.


Flat classroom teachers See here


Français comme langue étrangère


Weekly Chat that helps FL teachers connect to the world


chat platform for flipped classroom educators. See here.


platform for those interested in the flipped classroom.


Obsolete. Use the shorter #flipclass. All about the flipped classroom


content related to flip learning


daily tweet with practical tips on a variety of flipped teaching and learning methods/ideas/concepts by @julieschell See here.



Google Apps for Education


game-based learning


game-based learning


A small Personal Learning Network for local teachers in developing countries who are being trained by Global Citizen Media to own and teach an ICT/ Media education curriculum in underserved areas.


General Certificate of Secondary Education discussions


Follow the hashtag and chat once a month, first Wednesday of the month at 8pm CST, about “genius” learning. Students are given a time period where they can choose what they want to learn--being productive and creative as they learn what they love. See here.



see #gtchat


Good for finding global collaboration / connections, sharing #globaled practice. Official chats run monthly over 3 days. Click here for schedule


see #education


Global education conference 12-16 Nov 2012. See here.




Global Old English (c. 700 - 1220)


all to do with English grammar. Although it says ‘grammar’, you’ll see tweets regarding spelling, punctuation, etc.


gifted and talented education chat on 19:00 EST. See also #gifted.



Harry Ainlay High School Catchment in Edmonton, Alberta


Brief videos and articles about Hack Learning from the Hack Learning Series, edited by @markbarnes19




Iowa competency based education movement


Iowa Communities of Practice on Blended Learning


Iowans (and others) weigh in on the Ed Reform movement in Iowa


Iowa Administrators and other school leaders


video interviews with teachers. See here.


International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. See here.


International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme. See here.


International Baccalaureate® (IB) Primary Years Programme. See #



Obsolete. Use #edtech


Why waste the characters? Obsolete. Use #edtech


Discussion on ICT Curriculum, largely UK based.


International English Language Testing System


Information shared among Illinois Educational Administrators


Ed chat specifically for Illinois issues (everyone welcome!)


Information related to International Schools, education, and internationalism


Join Inside Online Learning for a weekly chat featuring issues related to online education. See here.


Iowa 1 to 1 movement


name speaks for itself. See here.


platform for independent school educators. See here.


IATEFL teacher development and learning technologies SIG joint conference in Turkey 2012. See here.


International Society for Technology in Education. See here.


used for ISTE 2012 conference


International Teacher Development Institute. See here.



The Japan Association for Language Teaching. See here.


Jewish Education


Jewish education chat


Joyful Learning Network Teacher Tip of the Day - tips for teachers, most often rooted in the concept of bringing joy to teaching and learning. See here.



for educators in grades K-12


Obsolete.Doesn’t work very well as some Indonesians are using this for other purposes. I’d suggest using either #kinderchat or #yle.


platform for ELT in Korea. See here.


literacy for children. See here.


NZ children discuss on twitter under supervision of teachers


platform for early childhood educators. See here.


education in Kansas



weekly discussion on topics of interest to language educators (Thursdays 8 p.m. EST). See here.


Educators of young children using Twitter in the classroom to take photos of outdoor flora and fauna, then tweeting a question about their findings. Many outdoor educators reply including @RangerRidley. The network now has a blog dedicated to LookingClosely.


Learning and Teaching in Higher Education tweetchat


IATEFL learning technologies special interest group. See here.



chat platform for mathematics teachers. See here.


medical education (i.e. teaching medical students etc)


media specialists


modern foreign languages.

also: Music for Life.


the middle grades (6-8). Also #middleschool


discussion on Modern Learning Environments


discussions on mobile learning. I’d suggest using this rather than the longer #mlearning.


discussions related to Montessori education


massive open online course. See here.


middle school teachers chat


Microsoft Partners in Learning. See here.


for music educators. See here.


middle years programme. See also #ibmyp



National Association for Teaching English and other Community Languages to Adults. (UK) See here


National Council of Teachers of English


chat for those with an interest in Northern Ireland Education.


Chat for NJ educators, all topics


chat for new teachers, pre-service teachers and those teachers new to the profession See here



open courseware


open education


chat for educators primarily in Oz or Nz. See here.


Every Thursday evening at 2045 AEST / AEDT during school terms. Discussion around curriculum and pedagogy for primary school teachers. Chat hosted by @johnqgoh or guests.


fortnightly chat for educators involved in science education in Australia


science education in Australia, and events associated with the Australian Science Teachers Association


alerts for primarily Australian educators See Australia eSeries



Pedagogy and Technology Chat Tuesday 5 PST/ 8EST hosted by @sampatue info at


Project Based Learning. Although there is no set time for the discussion (like #edchat), #pblchat allows educators to share and discuss project based learning resources.


worldwide group of educators who are focused on empowering 21st century learners through Project Based Learning. See here.


Positive Behavior Supports. School Behavior and how to manage it successfully and positively.


professional development. See also #profdev, #cpd, #td


resources and links related to education, I suppose on pedagogy


#edtech conversation with educators of the Peel District School Board in Ontario, Canada.


tweets about the teaching method, Peer Instruction, developed by Eric Mazur - Wikipedia entry or 2 min explanatory video here


for those in physical education


Postgraduate Certificate in Education


#phdchat is a Twitter chat channel created by Nasima Riazat, better known as @NSRiazat, who runs a live #phdchat session for UK and European (though open to all!) students at 7.30pm-8.30pm GMT on Wednesday nights.



personal/professional/passionate learning network


pre-school. Not sure how much this is used. See #kinderchat, #yle


professional development. See also #cpd, #td, #pd


related to Project366. An image a day for the whole year (2012). See here.


Parents-teachers chat. See here.  Every Wednesday at 9pm EST.


chat platform for the primary years programme. See here. See also #ibpyp.



platform for ELT in Queensland, Australia


how educators are using QR codes



networked learning about a hashtag. See here.


reflective practice special interest group in Korea (hopefully someday around the world). See here.


Reform Symposium


Weekly Chat that discusses issues related to being a rural educator.


Reading/Writing Workshop chat First Wednesday of each month at 9PM ET



related to strategies appearing in any “Strategy-A-Day” Calendar


chat for K - 12 teachers with a Saskatchewan focus. Moderator: @kwhobbes


7:30am EST/PST  Chat for Current and aspiring leaders in education


Saturday Chat Oceania


This is an International School Counsellor Chat for School Counsellors Worldwide. It is a chat with a difference.


for science teachers. See here.


Special Educational Needs, Unfortunately, this is used for other meanings, too. Also goes by the longer tag of #specialneeds


resources, ideas, opinions about comprehensive sex education. See here. 


Information for SIGML, which is the special interest group for mobile learning associated with ISTE


information for SigTC, which is the special interest group for Tech Coordinators associated w/ ISTE


Chat on education for Danish educators (mostly in Danish)


platform for tweets about iPad, iPhone and iPod in education. See here. See also #mlearn & #edtech.


for speech language pathologists.




Tuesday @ 8:00 CST is #SMARTee chat time! connect with your #PLN to discuss student-centered learning topics with a technology connection


social media chat. See here.


Why not just use #smchat?

this is not a hashtag that anyone uses, see


SOLO taxonomy structure of the Observed LearningOutcome, is a means of classifying learning outcomes in terms of their complexity - Biggs and Collis


special education. See also #spedchat.


see #SEN


special education chat. See here.


all about successful practices in education and education reform, every Tuesday.


social studies chat. See here.


Science Technology Engineering and Math


StudentsMeet - webinars run by students for students


Mondays at 8:30 PM EDT -- 



participants share articles and ideas on learning technology Thursdays from 3 to 3:30 pm EST.


used for the 2013 Texas Computer Education Association Convention in Austin


Teacher development. See also: #profdev, #cpd, #pd.


IATEFL Teacher Development Special Interest Group (TDSIG). See here.


learn about the latest in classrooms from other teachers, Wednesday evenings at 9 pm EST.


resources via the British Council. See here.


Teach Meet International. See here.


Teachmeet Virtual for New Zealand Teachers TeachMeetNZ


Teaching English as a foreign language


Teachers of English to speakers of other languages

Teachers of English as a Second Language Association


hashtag for those that want to “confess” geeky things they’ve done related to TESOL


for Texas Educators


discover the wonders of education


learning technologies in Brazil (English/Portuguese)


On Thursdays at 8pm EST, tech-savvy educators discuss the latest in educational technology.


Home to great conversations about how to best promote reading to our students and the titles we can share with them (and each other).


By teacher-librarians: resources for curriculum, content, literacy and tech. Monthly Twitter chat and Google Hangout


TeachMeet Western Australia


Test of English as a Foreign Language


Test of English for International Communication


Teacher Tuesday. Used for recommending teachers worth following. Used on Tuesdays. See #FF


Teachers Teaching On Call (casual, supplementary, substitute teachers in B.C.)


Teachers Throwing Out Grades, discussing formative assessment Monday 7PM ET


not exactly an educational hashtag, but one which is related ;-) Travel talk on Twitter. See here.


for learners of English



as the tag implies, educational chat centred more on UK. See here.


chat forum for UK school governors (Sunday nights 8:45-9:15 pm)


a student-led initiative to fight bullying.


all about making urban education work, hosted every first and third Sunday of the month at 9pm EST.


PD resources and chats for Urbana School District #116, Illinois


Used by Utah educators and also correlates to a weekly chat held on Wed. from 9-10pm MST.



Virginia Association of School Librarians. Follow @fhslibrary


Resources shared by educators in Victoria, Australia


Virtual Language Learning


vocational education


Virtual Round Table.  See here.


Virtual round table conference. See above.



Relevant for Western Australian education/educators - all sectors


Used by teachers in the Washington County School District in Southwestern Utah.


Webheads - Community of Practice


Wales Learning Technology Forum - the leading Ed Tech community in Wales, UK




young learners


IATEFL young learners and teenagers SIG. See here.



Comment from @healthcareWen: Thanks for putting together a list.

However many of the hashtags listed are NOT commonly used hashtags (i.e. no one else is using it nor are they searching for it), so it is misleading to list it here. Search and you’ll see how often it’s been used in recent weeks plus suggestions of other hashtags to consider.

 Hashtags are most meaningful for people who are interested in similar topic to search for others with similar interests, but people generally only search for the commonly used hashtags. (Now if you have an uncommon hashtag, you can make it common by widely publicizing and encouraging its use, but that takes a lot of effort and often doesn’t get far.)  It’s best to stick with the “popular” hashtags , especially for people new to Social Media (& remove the “unused” or obsolete hashtags to avoid confusion). (More advanced users have better understanding of how to curate very niche topics)

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