Evans Summer Reading Challenge!
We are running a Summer Reading Challenge, and would love you to participate! Fill out the survey by the end of week 8 (Friday December 2), and we will customise a book pack for you to borrow and read over the holidays. There will be instructions to help you complete the challenge and upload reviews of the books you read to Oliver (our library catalogue), so that you can share about thoughts on the books you are given.
PLEASE NOTE: Sign-ups for the 2016 challenge have now closed. The form is still active so that other TL's can see what our survey looked like! If you took part this year, thank you, and we hope you enjoyed it. If not, make sure you sign up for the 2017 challenge.
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Roll call class (students)/ Faculty (staff)?
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What is the best book you've ever read? What made it great?
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What is the WORST book you've ever read? Why was it so bad?
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What is the LONGEST book you've ever read?
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Favourite TV shows/ movies/ music?
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Approximately how many books have you read this year (apart from those you have read in class)?
Rate the types of books below - which ones do you find LEAST interesting, MOST interesting, of have no opinion about?
MOST interesting
No opinion
LEAST interesting
Science fiction
Action/ adventure
Tear jerkers
Books based on movies/ games
Which would you prefer?
Would you rather read:
What would you be most likely to snack on when reading?
Your SUMMER READING CHALLENGE commitment: I promise to give all of the books in my Summer Reading Challenge pack a chance, even if I think I won't like them. I promise to share the love, and write a short review for any books I read and enjoy. I promise to take care of my books, and protect them from sand, water, animal slobber, and younger siblings. And I promise to return the books I borrow during Week 1 of Term 1 2017! :-)
Anything else you'd like us to know?
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