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This helps us publicise your talk and make sure your visit goes smoothly.

The questions cover your talk, options for podcasting and arrangements for accommodation and tech.

Publicity Information
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This is the "blurb" we will use on our website, Meetup, Facebook, Eventbrite, Wow247, The Scotsman, The Skinny, and that we'll adapt for any print material.
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Some sites (Eventbrite, Wow247, The Scotsman) have an option for tags. The more tags, the more places your event will be listed. Please help us by listing as many tags as you can think, separated by commas. We may add to this list. E.g. technology, zoology, chimpanzee, ape, monkey, intelligence...
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Can you think of other places we could promote your talk that we could contact? Specific or general idea is fine. E.g. Your alumni magazine or your hometown newspaper, other special interest groups, university clubs or societies.
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Are you happy to be interviewed for our 10 Questions podcast? *
Conversations take 15 minutes with one of the Edinburgh Skeptics Podcast team. There are 5 questions we ask everyone, and 5 on your talk.
Are you interested in having your talk recorded? *
We don't record the Q&A or the slides. We may edit your talk for podcasting. We can schedule the podcast by agreement with you, for example if you are taking your talk on tour and don't want the podcast released until the tour is over.
Release date:
It may be some months between the date of recording and podcast release due to the sheer volume of podcasts we release. We will inform you once it has been released so you may share it. We will release your interview and recording on the same date. If you have a deadline you would like us to meet (such as the release of a new book) please supply those details here.
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Podcast Release Form & Copyright Declaration
I hereby agree to be recorded by Edinburgh Skeptics Society for the production of podcasts for download by third-party users.

I understand the recorded content can be used wholly or in part.

I authorise Edinburgh Skeptics Society without limitation, the right to reproduce, copy, exhibit/publish or distribute any such recording, and wave all rights or claims I may have against your organisation and/or any of its Affiliates, Subsidiaries or Assignees other than as stated in the agreement.

I agree that Edinburgh Skeptics Society may use the recorded content for non-commercial purposes.

By checking the YES checkbox below, I confirm that I have obtained permission from relevant parties to use any copyrighted material in this recording, or that I will be responsible for any legal issues that may raise from the use of any copyright material.

By checking the YES checkbox, I confirm that I have read the Podcast Release Statement and Copyright Declaration carefully, that I agree with it, and that I fully understand its meaning and implications. *
Phone number *
We need this in case we need to change arrangements for meeting you
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Email *
We need this to finalise details before the event
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Do you need accommodation? *
We have accommodation in central Edinburgh if you cannot reasonably reach home after your talk.
Where will you be coming from and what are your travel arrangements likely to be? *
We will confirm your expenses nearer the time, but this helps us budget and helps us schedule our volunteers.
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Is there anything else we should know to make your visit safe and comfortable?
This is where previous speakers have told us about dietary requirements, disability or bringing partners or children with them.
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Presentation Formats *
If you bring a Mac, please make sure you bring your own cables with you. We've had a couple of awkward occasions where speakers couldn't present for 20 of their scheduled 45 mintues because they were trying to sort out cable problems.
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