ECHS Staff Survey 2016-2017
1. The school administration clearly communicates the school goals to staff. *
2. My administrative team cares about my professional growth and makes me feel my work is important. *
3. At work, my opinions seem to matter. *
4. In the last seven days, I have been recognized or praised for doing a good job. *
5. I have the resources I need to be an effective teacher. *
6. I set high standards for achievement in my class. *
7. I believe my students are capable of learning at a high level. *
8. In my class struggling and disengaged learners receive the support they need to be successful. *
9. In my class students discuss and solve open-ended questions and problems. *
10. If students are given more challenging work, they are more likely to do it. *
11. In my class, I make learning relevant by building on my students' prior knowledge. *
12. In my class, students are encouraged to explore things they find interesting. *
13. I plan for and create opportunities for students to expand their learning beyond the classroom and apply understanding to the world in which they live. *
14. In my class, students have the opportunity to learn from each other. *
15. At this school, everyone treats each other with respect. *
16. My students know they can come to me if they have a problem. *
17. My students feel safe at school. *
18. Something that makes me feel really accomplished at work is... *
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19. Something that would make me feel even more accomplished at work would be... *
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