Obstacles to Political Participation in the EU
Dear European Citizen,

In the scope of the project entitled "One-stop-shop for the political participation of mobile EU citizens", European Citizen Action Service and Migration Policy Group are conducting a study on political rights and political participation of EU citizens living in countries other than their own, across the European Union. The results of the survey will feed into a report which aims to shed some light on the drivers and obstacles to political participation of EU mobile citizens.

Thank you very much for your time and contribution! It is greatly appreciated.

How old are you?
What is your status?
What is you country of origin?
What is your host country (the one you are living in now)?
How long have you lived in your host country?
Do you think that in your host country you have more opportunities to participate in the political life than in your country of origin?
Strongly agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly disagree
Yes, because the political culture is more developed than in your country of origin.
Yes, because there are more opportunities than in your country of origin.
Yes, because the citizens’ “voice” has bigger impact.
How politically and civically active are you in your host country and how active were you in your country of origin?
Member of a political party
Standing as a candidate in elections
Participating in demonstrations
Civic activity
I am not politically or civically active
In your country of origin
In your host country
Please specify if you selected "other"
Have you heard of an EU mobile citizen who is:
What do you think encourages citizens to become politically and civically active?
Do you think that the following apply to EU citizens in their host Member State?
Strongly agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly disagree
They are not politically and civically active because they are are still active in their Member State of origin.
They do not think that they need to become politically active to defend their interest in the new Member State
They are less likely to be active if they come from a neighbouring or close country because they still maintain close links to their country of origin.
The possibility to stand as a candidate in elections under the same conditions as a national of the country increases their interest in politics and/or in civic participation.
What do you think are the main obstacles to those EU citizens who want to be politically or civically active in their host country?
Your answer
Please tell us what do you think about the role of the local authorities.
Strongly agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly disagree
Do you think your local authorities are expat-fiendly?
Do you feel that expat-friendly events would increase political/civic activity of EU citizens in the host country?
Do you think that your local authorities promote active citizenship of expats?
Do you have any suggestions on how local authorities could increase the political/civic engagement of mobile EU citizens?
Your answer
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