Soils Field Test Results Form
Please fill in your soils testing results. It is most helpful if you can send 2 or more samples so that we can get a better idea of your area's soil composition.

Please also take pictures of each test and email to

You can print this form off to take it into the field or access it on your mobile device.
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Wash Test *
How does the soil smell, look, and feel?
Pen Test 1 *
What happens when the moist soil is rolled out into a worm?
Pen Test 2 *
Soil Plasticity and Cohesiveness
Stick Test *
What happens when you stab the soil ball with a knife?
Shine Test *
What does the cross section of the cut soil ball look like?
Fruit Jar Test - Soil Expansiveness *
How much over the fill line did the settled soil rise?
Fruit Jar Test - Soil Composition *
What is the percentage of sand in the sample? Please send picture to
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