DWC Volunteer Application 义工登记表
Student Volunteer: After you submit your application, you will be contacted for an interview (unless you have already done so). Once you start working, you will be given access to the ACS SSL Recording Log to document the hours you have worked. Your hours must be verified by the teacher or staff you worked with.
中文姓名 Chinese Name *
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English name or nickname
Not the sound or Pinyin of your Chinese name
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性别 Gender
义工目的 *
Your main reason(s) to volunteer.
学生义工还是成人义工? Are you applying as a student or an adult volunteer *
Teaching Assistants work in classrooms during the class hours; Safety patrols work before and after class hours or during breaks.
How well do you speak Mandarin
你上小学和中学地点 Location of your elementary and middle schooling
标明国家城市. If your parents grew up outside US, what city/country are your parents from?
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If Chinese is not your native language, how did you learn Chinese? List name of textbook, years, grades, school name
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If English is not your native language, how did you learn English? List name of textbook, years, grades, school name
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Any work experience
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Gmail or Google ID *
Add a comma at the end. You must check this email inbox every week.
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If a minor (under 18), a family email address that is used often by your parents
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你的手机号 Your cell phone number
If none, use a family cell phone number
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能否使用微信?Can you use WeChat?
If you have a smart phone, you will be asked to subscribe to free WeChat and join our chat group
如果有WeChat, 请提供WeChat帐号名
Please indicate your WeChat ID (phone or tablet) so that we can add you in
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家庭住址 Home address
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Name of Day-time school and Grade or name of workplace
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How well do you speak Chinese
How well do you read in simplified Chinese
How well can you write in simplified Chinese
How well do you understand and speak English
How well do you read in English
How well can you write in English
Chinese teaching or tutoring experience, including other volunteering in a Chinese class.
Your answer
How did you learn about DW C-Learning
What's your availability? We need volunteers during class hours to help the teacher and off-class hours to help with grading homework (on paper and/or on internet) and to be a safety patrol outside classroom
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Are you familiar with Google group or Google drive/docs functions?
Tell us about your hobbies or what you are good at
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