GDG North Jersey: Solve for X Pioneer Application
Solve for X is a global initiative from Google that’s all about finding pioneers in science and technology who are working on huge game changing “Moonshots” and accelerating their progress to impact the world in positive ways. SFX is headed up by Google’s R&D division called Google [x]. Each moonshot project addresses a big, global problem, with a radical new solution/perspective/approach and leverages a breakthrough in science or technology.

Solve for X is intended to be a forum to encourage and amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and teamwork.

If you think you have an X and would like a chance to connect with some of the brightest minds in the eastern half of the United States at our upcoming event in New Jersey, please fill out the application below! Our most successful moonshots will be featured on Google's Solve for X website and may also be invited to present in front of a crowd consisting of notables such as Google founders Larry Page, Sergey Brin and “Captain of Moonshots” Astro Teller.

Note that submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, but your odds of acceptance are increased the earlier you submit as we'll have more time to review and engage with your concept.

Final submission deadlines to present are as follows:
Montclair, NJ Preliminary event: Submit by December 1st, 2014
NYC Preliminary event: Submit by December 28, 2014
Somerville, MA (Boston area) Preliminary event: Submit by January 5th, 2015
Hoboken, NJ (Stevens Institute) Preliminary event: Submit by January 6th, 2015
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We will be inviting the most impressive moonshot applicants to give a five minute presentation at one of three preliminary events that lead up to the main event. Please select the location and date that would be best for you.
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