Summer Retreat at Sudhana Center 2017 Application Form
To apply for the retreat, please read and fill out the application as completely and thoughtfully as possible.
Retreats at the Sudhana Center
We invite all participants to join us in this unique opportunity to create an atmosphere supportive for spiritual practice and study.
Contemplative Atmosphere
‚ÄčNoble Silence:
To maintain a inner and outer environment of concentration, we will observe Noble Silence throughout the retreat. However, participants may speak during discussion periods and lectures, and as-needed during community work.

No Digital Devices:
Please 'unplug' and refrain from using digital technology like cell phones, laptops, tablets and music players during the retreat. This week is a rare opportunity to look deeply into our minds free of the distractions from our devices (as well as giving others the space to do so as well).

Service as Practice
Service plays a central role in the overall retreat experience by bringing the Dharma into daily life, supporting others, and creating a sense of community. During the retreat, everyone will be given a simple work duty such as kitchen-prep, cleaning, and dish washing. We hope to foster an environment where work, study, and practice are all integrated into one holistic experience.
Making Sudhana Center Our Home
The Sudhana Center facilities are being renovated and upgraded. If everyone can treat Sudhana Center like their own home, especially in taking care of the facilities, that would be most appreciated.
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