Software Engineering 1 - Summer Homework
Sign in to Google with your DPS Google account. Then refresh this form, read the following articles, and write a response that summarizes the articles and whether or not you agree with the authors.

Article Links:
At a minimum, include answers to the following in your summary:
- Which of the game design trends do you think is most important and why?
- Do you agree with all of the trends cited in the articles? Is there a trend you have noticed that is not included?
- What platform do you think will be most important in delivering games in the future?

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Use the Google Form to write a summary of the article, refer to the rubric below. *
Summary Writing Rubric
Rubric: Writing a Summary
A “summary” is a brief statement of the main ideas and significant supporting details presented in a piece of writing. A summary should include the main idea, connections with significant details, background information, and meaning. An excellent summary can be completed in one good, healthy paragraph.
- Topic sentence clearly identifies the item that is summarized. (1 pt)
- Topic sentence correctly uses a strong verb. (1 pt)
- Topic sentence finishes with the main idea of the item summarized. (1 pt)
- Summary includes background information from the passage, including facts that adequately support the main idea. (2 pts)
- Summary details the readers meaning for the passage. (1 pt)
- Summary uses complete sentences and has no spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors. (2 pts)
- Transitions are used appropriately. (1 pt)
- Writing is submitted via student’s DPS Google account. (1 pt)
TOTAL POINTS (10 possible)
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