Project Cam Opener 2015-16 End-Of-Year Feedback Form
Please fill out this form in order to provide the Personalized Professional Learning team with feedback on your engagement and experience as a participant in Project Cam Opener this year. Due to budgets and shifting priorities in the district, the Project Cam Opener program and process will be different next year. We are in the midst of determining how that will look, and your feedback and ideas are HIGHLY valuable in ensuring the continuation of a meaningful program.

For tracking purposes we are asking for your name, but please be as honest as possible. Your feedback will be used only by the 3 of us, and will be anonymized before being shared outside our team.

What is your name? *
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What was your role in the 2015-2016 school year? *
What was your school/department for the 2015-2016 school year? *
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Engagement and Usage
How often did you do the following? *
Please choose the response that is as close to your usage and engagement on average.
Once a Day
Once a Week
Once a Month
Once Every Few Months
Use your Project Cam Opener-provided technology?
Capture your practice with other technology (i.e., your cell phone)?
Watch videos that you recorded?
Watch videos from another project Cam Opener participant?
Share your videos with others face-to-face (PLC, coaching session)?
Share your videos online (G+ community, email, Swivl Cloud, etc)?
How many other colleagues used your Project Cam Opener device(s) in the 2015-16 school year? *
How comfortable were you in completing the following tasks as a part of Project Cam Opener? *
Posting to the Google+ community
Using your toolkit to record video
Engaging in the mid-year reflection process (recording and sharing your video)
Using your Personalized Professional Learning Plan (Google Doc)
Resources and Supports
How valuable were each of the following resources and support in the 2015-16 school year? *
Please mark N/A for any support that don't fully understand or were unaware of.
Very Valuable
Somewhat Valuable
Not Valuable
Cam Opener Unboxing and CamCon Sessions at DEPLA (Summer 2015)
Having other people in your building participate in Project Cam Opener
Your learner profile (SNIC)
Your Personalized Professional Learning Plan
Support Resources & Tutorials
In-person support sessions
Please rank the following possible resources and supports from most valuable to least valuable: *
1st Choice (Most Valuable)
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
4th Choice
5th Choice (Least Valuable)
More Face-to-Face Support from the Personalized Professional Learning Team
Less Requirements for Participating in Project Cam Opener
More support from In-building staff (Coaches, Admin, Peers)
More collaboration opportunities with other Cam Opener Participants
Ability to add colleagues to Project Cam Opener mid-year
Which of the following constraints were a factor in your level of engagement in Project Cam Opener? *
If there were other constraints that you ran into this year that aren't on this list, please add them in the final question ("other feedback...")
Huge Factor (Made it more difficult)
Small Factor (Made it somewhat more difficult)
Not a Factor (Didn't have an affect on engagement)
Time Constraints
Getting comfortable with capturing your practice with video
Overall technology issues
Process for uploading
Additional or Conflicting Priorities in your building
What is one piece of advice you would give to new participants in Project Cam Opener for the 2016-2017 school year? *
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What is one positive outcome you experienced by being involved in Project Cam Opener, regardless of how much you participated in the community or utilized the equipment? *
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If you have any other feedback, ideas, advice, or questions please share them here.
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