Farmers Market 2017 - Vendor Application
The largest Farmers Market in Newark is back for its 17th season!

With an average attendance of 800-1200 attendees each week, selling your product at the NDD Farmers Market gives your business an unparalleled advertising and point-of-sale opportunity like no other. This year, the farmers market will run every Thursday (weather permitting), from June 1, 2017 to October 26, 2017 at PSE&G Plaza. Below you will find our vendor application, and market guidelines and regulations.

All interested vendors must submit an application. The deadline to apply is April 30, 2017.

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New vendors (non-food products) are required to provide a sample of product to Vanessa Martinez, Newark Downtown District, 60 Park Place, Suite 2100, Newark, NJ 07102.
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