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There are no binding contractual (financial) terms with this form, and as such, we will be releasing the relevant milestone notices via your registered e-mail to secure your payment at a later date. Currently, this preorder channel will be open until the general purchasing platform goes live. As a preorder customer, you will be among the first around the world to receive and experience the Dot Watch – with an added benefit of a 10% discount off of the unit price! Please stay tuned for further notices from us – to your direct e-mail, via our website, and various social media channels.

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For larger order quantities : We are currently looking for a compatible organization or company for a distributorship. We expect our partner to be capable of not only distribution, but also software localization and providing outstanding quality of customer/after service. If you would like to further discuss on our potential partnership, please email us : dot@dotincorp.com
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