2016 Asian Traditional Performing Arts Competition Application Form
Please fill in information pertaining to competition performance below.
Are you registering an individual or group?
If a group, please specify how many students are in the group below:
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What is the title of the performance?
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What is the time duration of the performance?
Maximum time allowed for each performance is 5 min.
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What is the grade of performer(s)?
Please specify with "other" if age/grade of performers is mixed.
What is the category of the performance?
What is the culture of the performance?
i.e. Korean, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, etc.
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Do you require any MP3/music to be played?
If yes, you must submit any music or MP3 files to atpac@donghwaculture.org by November 2, 2016.
How many microphones do you need on stage?
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Will you be bringing instruments on stage?
If yes, please specify below.
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Do you need anything else on stage?
Cushions, chair, etc.
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Please write down schedule order preference, if any, below:
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