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Evanston Hockey: Board Nomination & Volunteer Form
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What are your children's names and what level do they currently play (e.g., Suzy, 12U travel, Bobby, 10U house) *
How would you like to be involved with EYHA? (Check all that apply) *
If you are interested in being on the board of directors: There are a set number of positions according to bylaws and other specific roles and responsibilities that need to be filled. Please indicate your top three choices of roles you would be interested in filling. *
If you are interested in being on the board of directors, please indicate why you want to be on the board and 1-2 things you would like to see the board doing that it isn't doing now. If you aren't interested, please write "NA." *
Please indicate any special skills that you think would be relevant to Evanston Hockey (e.g., design skills, accountant, writing, hockey playing or coaching, etc.) *
What Evanston Hockey volunteer experience do you have? (e.g., team manager, hockey days) *
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