Bullying Reporting Form-Field
District 31 takes bullying/harassment very seriously. Students, parents and any member of the District 31 community can anonymously report bullying by completing a complaint form at the link, below. Reports will be automatically forwarded to the appropriate administrator for investigation.

Though reports may be made anonymously, the more information the administration receives in a report, the more helpful that report is. There is room on this reporting form for a reporter to include his or her name and contact information, and it is helpful to receive reports that include this information.

Distrcit 31 will fully investigate all reports, anonymous or otherwise, and will notify parents of both the target and the aggressor, as required by law. However, no disciplinary action will be taken against an alleged aggressor solely on the basis of an anonymous report.

Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability.
Are you being bullied or are you a witness to the bullying? *
What is the name of the victim/person being bullied?
Please list first and last name.
What is the name of the bully?
If needed, list more than than one name. Please list first and last name.
Where did the incident happen?
Choose all that apply.
If the incident happened on social media, please list the name of the site.
When did this incident happen?
Please be as specific as possible.
Which statement(s) best describes what happened? *
Choose all that apply.
Describe the situation as best as you can. *
Are there any other students we should interview who witnessed the situation?
Please list any witnesses below.
What is your name?
This is an optional question. However, it helps us to know who made the report so we can better follow up. However, if you prefer, you can submit without leaving your name.
Thank you. This report will be investigated by an administrator.
If you or another student is in IMMEDIATE danger, please go see the principal or a teacher. If you are not at school, tell a parent or call 911.
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