Link building: mediocre to great

Thank you for taking the time to look at this. I'm working on making the subjective evaluations of "link worthiness" more quantitative. I am looking to grade websites (/ companies) using the following scale. The scale is deliberately non-linear. The difference between the bottom levels is relatively small compared to the massive gap between "industry leader" and "internet leader". This reflects the non-linear rewards that come from being exceptional in any given area. The intention is that the whole thing should be relatively uncontroversial at an individual level - it should be fairly clear how to evaluate yourself on any individual question - but the aggregate output should be interesting when compared between competitors and across industries. Note that the scales I have chosen deliberately confuse competence with fame - the harder levels require not only competence but also others' awareness of your competence. I make no apologies for this - it reflects the unfairness of the real world. ## The Scale ## - Very low / none: Not a priority / not something you invest in / not something you are successful at - Basic competitiveness: You invest time and money in this area - Core competitiveness: You keep pace with and occasionally outstrip competitors in this area. In most areas, for most companies, this will be as good as it gets. - Industry leader: Known for being at or very near the top of all sites in your industry in this area. This is a deliberately high bar. - Internet leader: An impartial observer has selected you as a case study / example of excellence in this area across all niches online. Many companies achieve nothing rated this highly and it will be exceptionally unusual to score this highly in multiple areas
* Required

Overall site design
Design of money pages
Design of regular content pages
Design of special high-value content

Editorial content
News content
Commercial content
Video content
Image / other visual content
Interactive content
User-generated content

Commercial email lists (product releases etc)
Content-based email lists (newsletters etc)
Company-level social media following
Individual social media followings throughout company
Relationships with major influencers in your industry
Relationships with major global influencers (journalists, politicians, celebrities)
Traffic / blog subscribers
Community / evangelists

In-house dedicated resources
External support
Budget allocation

Differentiation of core product(s)
Differentiation of product portfolio (e.g. particularly noteworthy products)
Differentiation of business model
Pricing power
Brand strength

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