Application to participate in the first Verify pilots for local authorities
This form should only be filled out by local authority staff who have read the plan and participation requirements for local authority Verify pilots (

The form is to be filled out only when councils have confirmed with their senior information risk owner (SIRO), their service owner for the service we're piloting, and another senior manager that they are able to participate in this project.

If you have questions about the process, you can register to speak to one of our team at

Forms must be submitted to us by 26 September. We'll call to discuss your application by the first week in October, and aim to get working with you from then on.

Council name *
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Which pilot are you interested in joining? *
Please confirm your council can accept all 9 commitments listed in the project requirements document (see link in form description) *
If you are unsure about your ability to provide some of the resources listed, please explain which ones and why you’re unsure:
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Confirm your council can commit all or most of the 16 skills/ resources outlined in the the project requirements document (see link in form description) *
Tell us briefly about your longer term ambition for using Verify.
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