Parent and Athlete Participation Information
for Denver High School (2018-2019)
Denver Activities Mission Statement
Our Mission is to provide a rigorous athletic/activity program which complements and supports a challenging academic program by teaching students the value of hard work, to work well with a team, and to promote community as we build leaders. We are in a constant pursuit to develop scholars and champions.
Belief Statements
We will encourage multiple sport/activity participation.
We will teach discipline and time management.
We will develop leaders.
We will make character development a priority.
We will develop mutual respect and understanding for the sacrifices necessary to succeed in all aspects of life.
We will promote athletics/activities as an extension of strong academics.
We will promote successful competitive opportunities.
Purpose of this Document
The Parent/Athlete Participation Meeting has now been replaced with the mandatory reading and signing of this document by parents of all Denver High School students participating in high school activities.

Please thoroughly read the following documents pertaining to policies and procedures related to activity participation at Denver High School. Your signature at the end of this document is proof that you have read and understand the policies in place for your student to participate. All students must have a parent/guardian sign the document before they will be allowed to participate in their first contest of the season and sport they are participating in. The Denver Activities Department thanks you for your time, diligence, understanding, and cooperation in reading and signing this document.

Summary of Scholarship Rule, 281—IAC 36.15(2)
The following requirements were effective 7-1-08:
•A student must receive credit in at least 4 subjects at all times.

•A student must pass all and make adequate progress toward graduation to remain eligible.

•If a student is not passing all at end of a final grading period, student is ineligible for first period of 30 consecutive calendar days in the interscholastic athletic event in which the student is a contestant.

•If a student is not passing all at any checkpoint (if school checks at any time other than the end of a grading period), period of ineligibility and conditions of reinstatement are left to the school.

•The ability to use summer school or other means to make up failing grades for eligibility purposes not available. The rule now also requires that all original failing grades (even those remediated for purposes other than athletic eligibility) be reported to any school to which the student transfers.

Good Conduct Policy
Extra-curricular activities are a major part of the secondary school experience. Things learned in these activities are applicable to many aspects of life. Denver has a commitment to excellence in our activity program. However, it should be noted that these extra-curricular activities are voluntary. Hence, they are a privilege, not a right. Consequently, participants in activities are bound to follow certain rules. The student is responsible for following rules/regulations of the individual director/coach.

1. The determination of eligibility shall rest with the principal or his/her designee.
2. Eligibility guidelines are applied to all of the extra-curricular activities sponsored by the Denver Community School District. Discretionary ineligibility may still apply to any activities sponsored by the district, including but not limited to, homecoming activities, prom, and/or the graduation ceremony.
3. The eligibility guidelines are to be followed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
4. A student cannot join an activity after the first official sign-up date or practice for the purpose of working off ineligibility.
5. Students who begin an activity or are sanctioned during an activity must complete the activity in good standing.
6. If a student is not participating in any extra-curricular activity at the time of the infraction, the student will be ineligible for the next activity in which the student participates.
7. If the violation occurs near the end of one extra-curricular activity, and the assigned penalty cannot be fulfilled during that activity, the additional assigned penalty will be carried over to the next extra-curricular activity that the student participates in while attending high school.
8. All community service time will be evaluated and approved by the principal.
9. All community service time is to be completed under the supervision of an adult not in the students immediate family, during out-of-school hours.

I. Mandatory Ineligibility
1. Violations of local, state, or federal law except minor traffic, hunting, or fishing offenses, regardless of formal charges or convictions.
2. Use, possession, or sale of illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or drug paraphernalia.
3. Presence at a setting where illegal consumption/use of drugs or alcohol by minors, or other illegal activity is occurring. A student in attendance where illegal consumption of alcohol/drugs occurs, becomes aware of such illegal consumption on arrival, and immediately leaves the site will retain eligibility.
4. Vandalize, destroy, damage, or steal school property or the property of others.
5. Fight, assault physically, abuse, or repeatedly threaten injury to another person while in school, at school sponsored events, or on school vehicles.
6. Excessive unsportsmanlike conduct, profanity, verbal abuse, or threats toward persons, including players, coaches, fans, game officials, or site administrators.
7. Participation in a non-school sponsored event during a same sport season without the permission of the Athletic Director, Principal, and coach as spelled out in board policy 504.6.

ll. Discretionary Ineligibility
The school reserves the right to declare a student ineligible for participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as a result of frequent violations of school rules.

Appendix A
The following community service hours will be assigned for students who violate the Good Conduct Policy. These required hours must be served before the student will be allowed to participate in any extra-curricular activities.
1. Consequence for 1st Violation: 10 hours of community service. 2. Consequence for 2nd Violation: 20 hours of community service. 3. Consequence for 3rd Violation: 30 hours of community service.
If juvenile court services also assigns community service hours, the student will be able to use the hours to fulfill both requirements.

The Due Process guaranteed when a student is facing a loss of eligibility is as follows:
Step 1: The student is informed of the suspected infraction of the Good Conduct Rule and the basis for the accusation.
Step 2: The student will be given an opportunity to state his or her version of events.
Step 3: The principal determines whether a violation has occurred.
Step 4: If the principal believes a violation of the Good Conduct Rule has occurred, the student is notified, either orally or in writing, that the penalty will be imposed, effective immediately.
Step 5: The principal will notify the student's parent or guardian of the decision and penalty.

If a student or parent wishes to appeal the principal's decision regarding a violation of the Good Conduct Rule, he or she may do so by notifying the superintendent in writing within three (3) days. An appeals board consisting of the superintendent, one coach or activities director, and 2 volunteers from the policy review committee, will be convened within 5 school days to hear the appeal. The penalty will remain in force during the appeal process unless and until the principal's decision is overturned. If the student, parent or guardian is still not satisfied, the superintendent's decision can be appealed to the school board by notifying the board secretary in writing of a request for review by the board. The board's decision is final.

(Violation Consequences found at the end of this document)

Attendance and Practice
Students must be in school the entire day in order to participate or practice in any activities or programs. The only exception will be for prearranged, excused appointments.
Communication Chain
If a situation arises where an athlete or parent feels a conversation with a coach or AD is warranted please follow the chain of command provided here. A parent should refrain from communicating with a coach before during, or after a contest and should schedule a meeting. Any spectator that places a hand on or communicates in a threatening manner to a coach will be banned from all activities for one year with the opportunity for due process and review during that span.

•Athlete talk to Coach
•Parent then schedule meeting w/Coach
•Parent/Athlete schedule meeting w/AD
•Parent/Athlete schedule meeting with HS Principal
•Parent/Athlete schedule meeting with Superintendent

Activity Guidelines
Head coaches of each activity will provide a set of guidelines and expectations in regards to their sport/activity. These guidelines are to be followed by the participants of each specific activity.
Participation Reminder
Before participating, all athletes must have:
* A current physical
* Parents and athletes must have signed the concussion fact sheet and turned it in to either the coach or the high school office.
* Parents must have read and signed this document
Schedule Reminder
The Yellow school calendar is a guideline and subject to frequent changes and updates due to schools changing locations, school conflicts, inclement weather, and other unforeseen changes. Please check the online NICL calendar for start time and location verification before traveling to contests.

To access calendar go to… >High School >Athletics/FineArts >NICL Website

or directly to

* Remember my daughter or son participates in educational activities for fun.
* Do my best to understand the purpose of educational activities; which always puts education first.
* Remember it is a privilege, not a right, for my son or daughter to participate in interscholastic activities.
* Remember my attendance at an interscholastic activity is a privilege, not a right.
* Always conduct myself with character, and insist my daughter or son do the same, even when it is not the popular thing to do.
* Treat all people (coaches/advisors, contestants, contest officials, other spectators) with respect at all times and insist my son or daughter do the same.
* Support all students participating, not just my son or daughter.
* Be gracious in victory and accept defeat with dignity.
* Honor the spirit and intent of the rules under which my daughter or son participates.
* Never demonstrate threatening or abusive behavior or use foul language.
* Try my best to be a fan, not a fanatic!
Consequences of Violations
When a student has been determined to be in violation of the Good Conduct Policy, he/she will be faced with the following penalties:
Note about Consequences
Any student who is participating in multiple extra-curricular activities at the same time will serve the consequence time for violating the good conduct policy that is greatest in duration. For example, a student participating in football and drama at the same time, and commits a 1st time good conduct violation, that individual will be required to miss the next 3 calendar dates that any extra-curricular activities take place.
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