SLP Midway Course Student Feedback
SLP Midway Course Student Feedback

1. Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability.
2. Type in as much text as you need to make your point. Try to be thorough, but succinct.
3. Duration: approximately 25 minutes.
Course Name and Number *
Instructor *
1. How did you learn about the course? *
2. Was the advising you received about the course helpful? *
3. What questions did you have about the course before you registered for it? *
4. Now that you are several weeks into the course, have those questions been answered to your satisfaction? What questions remain and what new questions do you have? *
5. How did the registration process work you? What would make the registration process simpler? *
6. How did you feel about enrolling in a course with virtual students and instructor? Were you anxious, excited, indifferent, etc.? Explain please. *
7. Have you used videoconferencing platforms in any of your other courses? How do you like the use of this technology in this course? *
8. In what ways is your SLP course experience different from that of a “regular” course? *
9. What were your expectations regarding the content, workload, and language proficiency level of your SLP course? So far, how have your expectations been met? What would you like to see happen differently? *
10. Do you find the classroom experience to be engaging? Please comment with specific points that illustrate your answer. *
11. Do you feel that you can meet the course’s learning objectives? What would help you to learn better? *
12. Have you understood what was being asked of you with respect to preparing for each class and completing assignments? *
13. Do you feel that you have adequate access to the instructor to ask questions and seek help? Please comment on your answer. *
14. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this course format compared to that of a traditional course that meets in a classroom? *
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