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Thank you for interested in starting a d@w-Group in your city, community or campus. We are on the brink of a larger mass movement ready to demand alternative solutions to capitalism. This movement can be successful if we are willing to work toward a solution that supports and empowers workers in their respective enterprises. By starting a group you are on the frontlines of this movement; it begins with you!

Fill out the application below to request a listing on the d@w-Action website ( After submitting, someone will be in touch. Questions? Email:
Group Location
Groups are listed in "d@w-[LOCATION]" format. (Examples: d@w-NYC, d@w-Los Angeles, d@w-Chapman University)
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We confirm that we intend to start an official d@w-Group in our area. We are based in a city/campus with at least 3 members and plan on holding monthly meeting open to the public, and are taking action to support and promote economic democracy in our community. We have been in communication with Mary Douglas (d@w Groups Coordinator) and are committed to openness, inclusivity, non-violence and the ideals, mission and vision of the organization.
Please check all boxes as acknowledgement of details of official status and duties for official d@w-groups.
Group Lead
This person will be listed as the group Lead on the website.
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Group Lead Email
This email will be listed as the group Lead contact on the website.
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Group Lead Phone
NOT listed on the website.
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Group Co-Lead
Secondary contact name for your group. (unlisted)
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Group Co-Lead Email
Secondary contact email for your group. (unlisted)
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Group Co-Lead Phone
Secondary contact phone for your group. (unlisted)
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Online Page
Where can supporters browsing the d@w website find you? We recommend Facebook groups, but if you already have a website or web presence on another platform (Meetup, Twitter, Loomio, etc.) We require that official d@w-pages or websites make either Betsy Avila or Mary Douglas admins and have official d@w logo and header graphic. Place the URL here:
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Tell us about your Group
Why are you excited about starting a d@w-Group? What actions have you taken, or do you plan to take, in your area? How is your group organized? Does anyone in your group have organizing experience (not required)? Tell us everything you'd like us to know.
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What's Next?
After hitting "submit" someone will be in touch to let you know if and when your group is listed on the d@w-Action website, along with any other relevant information. Questions? Email:
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