COACH Purse Giveaway Sign Ups - 15 Bloggers Only

My blog turns 1 Year Old in April!!! This particular giveaway is being hosted by Deal Hunting Diva. Payment for the links will cover the product cost, shipping, and admin fee. I am looking for 15 bloggers to join me in this Coach Giveaway. I am looking for blogs with 12K fans or more. Please send payment via paypal to Please make sure to send your payment as a gift. As soon as you send payment, you can go directly to and enter password "coach" to get the RC link and post info so you can set your post up immediately or at your convenience. - I saw this way being done on another giveaway and I just love it! I will email everyone, but you can also join my giveaway group: Prize: This giveaway is for a COACH purse $378 MSRP - PENELOPE OUTLINE SIGNATURE BUCKLE HOBO 15 bloggers Max Minimum 12K Facebook Fans Cost: $13.50 for 2 links - Cost will cover product, s&h, and adm fee When: Starts Monday, 4/9 at 8p.m. EST until the Tuesday, 4/17 at 12:01AM. (I will email you all the winner as well so you can do a Winners post)
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