Hard of Hearing Survey
Deaflink are developing our work with people who are Hard of Hearing and we are keen to understand more about the wider communities. We would like to increase services to meet your needs but need to know what they are so we can try to raise funds to do this.
Please indicate which of the following services would be most valuable to you or a family member. Please select 2 options.
How to use your computer/ipad/phone
Lip reading classes
Tea talk & technology - monthly group session and the opportunity to explore technology challenges and updates
Awareness session for people living with someone with a hearing loss
Challenging/campaigning-An example could be loop checkers that visit a range of venues to check whether their loop systems are working
Would you like to volunteer with us
If you would like to volunteer with us, please provide an email address.
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Do you have any further comments or suggestions?
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