Watchguard Training Student Pre-Class Form
This form is for Watchguard students that are registered for an upcoming class to answer some questions that will allow the Instructor/Trainer/Coach to understand each students background in IT and Security and will help prepare the Instructor to teach to the individual student instead of the to the class as a whole.
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Concerning Firewalls and Internet Security, what level of expertise do you consider yourself? *
How Familiar are you with Firewalls (i.e.-concepts, policy creation, vpn's, etc.) *
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If not, how long have you been configuring and using WG appliances?
How many years have you been in IT? *
Have you created VPNs before? *
What other brands of firewalls have you worked with? *
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What is the ONE thing that you hope to get out of this clas? *
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What do you consider to be the single most dangerous threat to Internet Security? *
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What is your definition of Teamwork? *
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