Watchguard Training Student Pre-Class Form
This form is for Watchguard students that are registered for an upcoming class to answer some questions that will allow the Instructor/Trainer/Coach to understand each students background in IT and Security and will help prepare the Instructor to teach to the individual student instead of the to the class as a whole.
Full Name
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Phone Number
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Concerning Firewalls and Internet Security, what level of expertise do you consider yourself?
How Familiar are you with Firewalls (i.e.-concepts, policy creation, vpn's, etc.)
Are you new to Watchguard?
If not, how long have you been configuring and using WG appliances?
How many years have you been in IT?
Have you created VPNs before?
What other brands of firewalls have you worked with?
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What is the ONE thing that you hope to get out of this clas?
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What do you consider to be the single most dangerous threat to Internet Security?
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What is your definition of Teamwork?
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