Cactus Project Application Form
Thank you for your interest in receiving assistance under this project 'Protecting the Rangelands of Outback Queensland from Invasive Cacti', funded by the Australian Government.

Invasive cacti are a major threat to pastoral production and biodiversity in the rangelands, hindering movement of livestock and native animals and in some cases leading to the death of birds, bats, reptiles and even large macropods. Cacti have the potential to spread through the entire rangelands of Australia, and many cacti species have been declared Weeds of National Significance. If left uncontrolled, infestations can quickly grow to impenetrable thickets, removing land from pastoral production.

This project aims to assist land managers eradicate invasive cacti by supplying herbicide to successful applicants.

All landholders (including local councils) in the Natural Resource Management regions of Desert Channels Queensland, Southern Gulf NRM and South West NRM are eligible to apply.

Please answer the questions below. You must complete all sections of the form for your application to be considered. Once you have completed and submitted this form, it will be your application to receive herbicide.

If you have any enquiries, or if you would like help completing this form, please call Desert Channels Queensland on 07 4658 0600.
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