Welcome to Mrs. Millard's Kindergarten page!

This week we will be studying:


Letter s  Jj and Ww

Rhyming  Words




Middle  vowel sounds

Ending sounds

Blending Sounds to make words

Spelling four-letter words with blends at the beginning and end

Social Studies:



Ordering numbers to 20

Counting and writing numbers 10—20

Geometry and shapes

Reviewing Addition



Spelling Test this Thursday!        There  will be a sentence to write. Students must spell correctly, space correctly and have correct punctuation to get full credit.


fox, wax, am, six, little



 Please study the following sight words for our test on Friday:

I   am        the   little

to        a   have   is

red        blue   we   my

like   at   green  yellow

he   for        look   did

 and  she  with  me  but

gray        of        that   you

they   not        are   do

one   two   three   four   five

color   green   blue   yellow


Homework :

Homework is in your child’s backpack today.

Many students are having a hard time  with number words. Please go over the number words with them at home.




Here are some great links for kindergarten students to use at home:

Starfall - A great website for students to practice reading skills.

Reading Eggs This is the primary website we use at school for our computer time. The school has paid for a subscription for all kindergartners, they can use it at home as well as at school. Your child should know his/her username and password.

The following is a link to the dolch sight word printable flash cards. The pre-primer and primer lists are the words on our kindergarten report card.  Once your child has learned all of those words, they can begin learning the first grade list.

Dolch Sight Word List

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My phone number is 775-8414, ext. 8201.

If you would like to volunteer for center time, please send a note to let me know.