Best way to contact me:

                                     423.775.8414  Extension 8222

Week of:  December 10 ~ 14

Reading:  We are beginning our next reading book Reading Street II.

Stories:   “A Froggy Fable”  pages 28-41 and “Ben the Bullfrog” pages 46-51

           “The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash”  pages 14-33 and “Snaky Riddles” 34-35

           “New Best Friends” 314-321 and “Wanted: Best Friend” 322-343

Skills:  words ending in –le; drawing conclusions; adjectives

Vocabulary:  clearing   crashed   perfect   pond   spilling   splashing   traveled   caterpillar   utterly   unexpected   bewilderment   whisked   jostled   unfamiliar   encountered    boring        ducked   sense   suppose   tractor   mean   started   wife   Jimmy   boa constrictor   yeah   haystack   Jenny   Tommy   Marianne   Mrs. Stanley   squawking   Hal   Uncle Lou   computer   Luis        basketball   driveway    crew   arrived   checkers   either        complained        Crazy Eights   either   immediately   Hollow Log Gazette   advertise   munchies   disappeared   toward   Ah-h        gooey   avoided   duffel bag   plopped  

Spelling:  ankle   title   apple   cable   purple   able   bugle   bundle   bubble   giggle   sparkle   tickle   stage   street   speech   stood     Bonus:    Christmas     

English:   possessive nouns; compound words

Math:   addition with carrying

I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas season. Thank you for your continued support. I am blessed to have your precious children.