Revenue Analytics Self-Assessment
daVIZta defines Revenue Analytics as the operational and financial analyses that drive good business decisions, improve revenue recognition, and mitigate revenue leakage between Gross and Net Sales. By answering a few questions, you can measure where you stand regarding revenue analytics maturity in relation to others in the industry. Your name, email and company will not be shared in the results. Assessment survey results will be emailed to you.

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Do you and your team have access to the data you are interested in? *
What data do you currently use for analytics? *
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What tools do you use for analytics? *
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How quickly are your analytics needs met? *
Analytics could be generated by IT, your team or yourself.
Several days or more for request to be serviced
Instantaneous ad hoc analysis
Have you and your team been *
1 - Limited
5 - Extensive
Trained in data analytics
Granted access to data analytic tools
Trained in data analytic tools
What types of visuals are used by your department? *
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How effective are your current charts? *
What types analytics are performed in your overall organization?
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How sophisticated are your forecasting methods? *
This question is intended to measure the level of sophistication in your forecasting methods. If you use more than one method, you should pick the method that is higher on the scale of 1 to 5.
When you are forecasting, do you apply alternative calculations / methodologies to pressure test your forecast? *
Do you routinely perform variance analyses (actuals vs. forecasts)? *
The term "actuals" refers to actual payments, rather than accruals.
If your pressure testing / variance analysis indicates a change to your forecasting methodologies, is it implemented? *
How satisfied are you with your current state of analytics? *
What are your organization's analytic pain points?
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The measurements of the industry and the peer groups will be updated after every survey submission. Select Yes if you would like to receive future updates. Select No if you only want your initial assessment.
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