Gerald R. Ford Memorial Scholarship
Davenport is proud of its association with Gerald R. Ford, who briefly taught and coached football here in the 1940s. President Ford exemplified the values and character we strive to instill in our students. We were greatly honored when, before his death, President Ford granted our request to name a prestigious scholarship in his honor and memory.

The Gerald R. Ford Scholarship is available to one student each year who enrolls as a freshman after high school graduation, takes at least 15 credits per semester, majors in business, technology or health, and attends the W.A. Lettinga Campus in Grand Rapids. The scholarship covers the costs of tuition, books, fees, study abroad, on-campus housing and meal plans.
Application Deadline – January 15, for the following academic year.
Criteria for Applying
-- Minimum high school CGPA of 3.75 at the end of 6th semester of high school.
-- Due to the Covid, the University is currently test optional so we will not be requiring an ACT or SAT score to be considered.
-- Essay on the following: “How I have demonstrated and plan to demonstrate in my life characteristics espoused by Gerald R. Ford including leadership, civic responsibility, service, ethics and courage of conviction." The essay should be approximately 1,000 words. In addition, the essay should (1) provide specific examples of activities that the student has engaged in while in high school, (2) give clear evidence that the student understands the commitment of Gerald R. Ford to leadership and public service, and (3) explain how the students career goals will exemplify the ideals established by Mr. Ford.
Review Process
All candidates will be reviewed by a pre-selection committee to ensure that applicants meet the minimum academic requirements. The pre-selection committee will also read applicant essays to score the essays regarding the criteria listed above under "Criteria for Applying."

After this initial review, a Davenport Admissions Representative will contact candidates to schedule interviews and provide information about the interview process.

First Interview: All candidates will be interviewed by representatives of admissions, faculty, student services and financial aid. This interview is designed more to get to know the candidate and explore questions related to the essay. Questions will focus on applicant leadership qualities, career goals, and involvement in school and/or community organizations. The interview will also ask the candidates to express their view of leadership and public service, especially in light of what they learned about President Ford and his view of public service.

After the first interview, the committee will recommend two to three candidates to the President of Davenport University. A Davenport Admissions Representative will contact the final candidates to schedule the second interview and provide information about the interview process.

Second Interview: Candidates in this final interview will meet with the President of Davenport University and a representative of the Davenport Executive Leadership Team.

One recipient will be selected from the finalists. Admissions representatives with contact all candidates to inform them of the decision. Non-recipients will be considered for other Davenport scholarships.
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