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Original Request:


From: Michael Robertson <>

Date: Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 10:22 AM

Subject: CPRA Requests - Documents related to cellphone tracking

To: "Tucker, Shelby" <>

I'm requesting all documents from 1/1/09-7/1/14 related to any

technology which tracks cellphones. To assist in this search here are

some terms (but not an complete list) that may be useful in a document

search: International Mobile Subscriber Identity, IMSI, Trigger Fish,

Harris Corporation and Stingray.


-- MR


Notes from my review of documents:

Proposal in 2011 to use BlueFax to capture citizens bluetooth MAC addresses for travel tracking.

Document: BluFax SR 125 Proposal.

Using Bluetooth at border in conjunction with USDOT to track passenger vehicles.

Document: Border Wait With Implementation Schedule

Adding bluetooth tracking to callboxes.

Document: Border Wait With Implementation Schedule

Blufax units read MAC address and send GPS coordinates to cloud server

Document: Border+ITS+San+Diego

Sensors that re-identify vehicles specifically or approximately:

Electronic toll tag transponders

Cell-phone tracking

License plate reading

Bluetooth sniffing

Magnetic signatures

Video tracking

Document: bts_sandag_apems_2009_08_13

Wavetronix (radar sensor) and Blufax (bluetooth sniffing) data collected on 805, I5, SR905, SR125, SR54

Document: data collection summary.pdf

Cell Phone Tracking is in use in SD region

Document: SANDAG ABM AP Meeting Minutes

Bluetooth Tracking in use at border to collect wait times

Document: SANDAG OME

16 BluFax locations:

Document: SR 125 Presentation

Plan to add bluetooth sniffers to all call boxes

Document: TC Meeting Agenda 6202014