Book a Dance Exploration Class at Your School!

Thank you for choosing Dance Exploration, LLC! Since 2009, Dance Exploration, LLC has been leaping and jumping into local schools across Denver and surrounding metro areas teaching our one of a kind 'Dance to Learn!'™ Curriculum. Our Curriculum is designed to teach the whole child. With segments of class focused on Learning, Discovery, Expression, Acceptance and Movement we've created 5 Methods of Dance™ that are sure to compliment any classroom and enhance the students' overall learning experience!

Please note the following when booking a Dance Exploration, LLC Class-
All Free Dance Days last a maximum of 2 hours. Any additional hours will be billed at our rate of $50/hour.

Free Demo Days include a Registration Celebration and Meet the Teacher Registration event. We've found our classes generate more interest when we can meet families and let them know we are bringing our classes to your school! The success rate of classes filling up with these events is 95%

Dance Exploration, LLC provides flyers and marketing materials to give to families. Some schools also allow us to promote our classes via social media, websites and parent newsletters. Please let us know what options are available to us to ensure all your families know that our program will be visiting the school.

When scheduling dates in this form, please check and verify any 'No School Days.' Don't forget to include days where we may not have class due to events such as Parent Teacher Conferences, Book and Science Fairs, or any other event that may prevent us from teaching. It is our policy to pay our teachers any time they commute to a school, if they arrive and cannot teach a class due to lack of space, school closure, early release etc, we may need to bill the school our hourly visitation fee of $50 for such events. If you schedule a class, and realize later that we've been double booked, please give us 72 hours to notify our instructor. In instances where our instructor arrives but is unable to teach the class, we do not schedule a makeup unless it is requested by the school. To schedule a make up, please give us a call at 303-949-1975.

For cancellations due to inclement weather or other emergencies, please contact us via telephone as early as possible to inform us of the class cancellation. Dance Exploration, LLC does recommend having a 'Make Up Day' scheduled when requesting your class dates. This date will be reserved in case a class is cancelled or rescheduled for these events.

Satisfaction Guarantee-
We train all our Dance Educators to exemplify the color PURPLE-
Uniquely Talented
Lover of Kids

Our Educators are required to arrive to all classes 15 minutes early, be positive and excited about their job, greet school staff, children and parents with a friendly smile and be readily available to answer questions or concerns.

If you are dissatisfied with the service being provided by our Dance Educators, please give us a call immediately and we will do our best to fix the issue, or bring in a new teacher.

Early Cancellation of future sessions requires a minimum of 30 days written notice from the start date of any future sessions for refunds to be provided to any families who may have registered in advance or in multiple sessions. If less than 30 days notice is provided, Dance Exploration, LLC is unable to provide refunds to families who may have paid for future sessions.

If you have any questions about Dance Exploration, LLC or would like a Consultation regarding the best option for your students, please give us a call at 303-949-1975.