Poetry Quiz
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1. In the poem "April Rain Song, " The line that says “Let the rain sing you a lullaby” provides an example of which poetic device? *
2. In the poem "April Rain Song, " the mood of the poem can best be described as... *
3. In the poem "Zipper Up Zack," The tone, or attitude, in this poem can be described as . . . *
4. In the poem "Zipper Up Zack," Why does the poet include the lines “ he zippered his wife, zipped up his kids”? *
5. In the poem "A Croc Acrostic", What makes this poem an acrostic? *
6. The poem describes the crocodile as . . . *
7. In the poem "A Slash of Blue" “Some Ruby Trousers hurried on” compares red rising in the sky to someone pulling on red pants. This is an example of _____. *
8. In the poem "3 Little Puffins, " what pattern can you identify in the poem’s rhymes? *
9. The poem "3 Little Puffins " is a nonsense poem because . . . *
10. In the poem Sneaker Snakes, what is the tone of the poem? *
11. In the poem Sneaker Snakes, The first two lines of the poem provide an example of alliteration because . . . *
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