Prospect High School Alumni Wall of Achievement “Knights of Honor” Nomination Form

The Alumni Wall of Achievement is meant to not only recognize Prospect alumni for their achievements and contributions but, more importantly, to offer role models to our present students. This high school has a rich tradition, and it is important that our students be exposed to examples of graduates who have made a difference. This recognition program is designed to illustrate to our students the importance of pursuing their passion by setting strong educational and career goals.

Prospect High School would like to honor alumni who have earned recognition for their achievements and contributions in their field of endeavor. Recognition will be given to those who have exhibited outstanding leadership, character, and service. Selection will be made on the basis of the following criteria:

• Graduated from Prospect High School at least ten years ago
• Has demonstrated a high level of achievement in his/her field and made significant contributions to that field
• Exhibits leadership, character, and service
• Available to participate in planned activities at Prospect on a scheduled day during homecoming week

Nominations will be kept on file for three years for future consideration. Seeking nominations and information from nominees is an ongoing process; therefore, we will accept nominations at any time. Also, an alumnus could be removed from the Wall of Achievement by the selection committee because of actions which could bring discredit to the school image.

The tentative schedule of events that will take place the day of coronation of homecoming week includes the following:
• Alumni will be available to talk to classes during their visit.
• A reception will be held for staff, and family and friends of the alumni following the coronation.

I wish to nominate the following person for Prospect High School’s Alumni Award. I am including pertinent information to assure his/her nomination.
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