Conant Crier Application 2017-2018
Thank you for your interest in working on the school newspaper! Please make sure you've reviewed the Crier informational packet (available at before applying. Applications are due by Friday, April 28.
First Name
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Last Name
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Year of Graduation
Cell Phone Number
A fellow editor may need to contact you regarding an article, an interview, a picture, a graphic, etc.
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D211 Email Address
All communication will be through your D211 email address, and as a member of the Conant Crier staff, you will be expected to check your email daily.
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Alternate Email Address
This is a backup email address only and will not be used as a primary means of communication.
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Position Preference (see job descriptions in informational packet at
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Position Preference (see job descriptions in informational packet at
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Position Preference (see job descriptions in informational packet at
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If you selected "Writer/Reporter/Columnist, please indicate the section(s) for which you would most like to write.
Visit to review sections' content. You may select as many as you'd like.
Please list below all of the English teachers you have had at Conant and the course you took with each of them.
Example: Ms. Gaza (Creative Writing), Mr. Catapano (AP junior English)
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List any other classes, workshops, or experience you have that would be helpful to the Crier staff.
Examples might include Journalism, Photoshop, photography, video editing, graphic artist, etc.
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Possible Conflicts
Please list all possible conflicts, including sports, activities, clubs, jobs, etc. We can typically work around these conflicts, but we need to know your availability, and Crier must be a priority for you. You must have at least one day a week available to meet after school, and you will need to complete additional work on your own time (such as taking photos, writing articles, doing interviews, or editing video).
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Personal Statement
Please provide a short statement (roughly 100-200 words) that explains your reasons for applying to the Crier, what you hope to gain from the experience, what you can bring to our club, and anything else that would be helpful in understanding who you are.
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If you have questions, please ask!
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