Stevenson Orchestra Senior Audition Application and General Information 2019-20
Congratulations on your decision to prepare an audition your senior year. Please read the information provided in this document and be prepared to follow through every step to be considered as a candidate to perform a solo your senior year. There will be no more than 3 or 4 applicants selected to perform per school year. Memorization is preferred but not required.

* All students interested in auditioning must complete this audition application by the due date Monday June 3 , 2019. Late applicants will not be considered.

* Any Wind, Brass and Percussion students must have participated in Orchestra and or Honor Band/Advanced Symphonic Band their Junior and Senior year to be eligible to audition and perform a solo with the Orchestra. All Band students must hold chairs that participate in Patriot Orchestra during senior year.

* Music students must have been active participants in Orchestra, Guitar, Choir or Band for a minimum of three years and involved in a music course at SHS for all four years. Transfer students are not eligible if only in the program for one year only (e.g. transferred as a senior). Only students enrolled in Patriot Orchestra, Patriot Guitar and Honor Band and Patriot Singers are eligible.

* Students interested in auditioning must submit a DVD or high resolution digital audio visual recording of their solo piece. Please make sure that your recording shows you clearly and please use an accompanist. Cuts in the accompaniment are allowed for this recording in order to save time. All recordings must be received by the Orchestra Directors no later than Monday, August 5, 2019. Late submission of recordings will not be accepted. Results will be announced on August 9, 2019.

* Students are selected by the Directors and will move on to the second level of auditions, Senior Soloist Recital. Students will perform their solo for a panel of University judges.

* Students are to perform with an accompanist during the Senior Soloist Recital August 15, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Recital Hall. The recital will be videotaped. A panel of SHS music faculty will determine from that performance all of the performers for the school year (3-4 only!). The Orchestra directors will schedule each performance with each selected soloist. The piece you audition on must be the same piece you perform with the Patriot Orchestra if selected.

* SHS will cover the first $100 of any solo orchestral accompaniment, any amount above that will be the responsibility of the the soloist and their family.

* All participants must submit 4 copies of their solo with measures numbered for the judges.

*** All decisions are final and the submission of this application is your acknowledgment of the audition process and decisions by the SHS music faculty.

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