Questionnaire for CYCLO TRENER athletes
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Name and surname *
Please enter your data.
Age *
Please enter your date of birth.
Body mass and fat percentage *
Please enter your current body mass and fat percentage.
Place of residence *
Please enter your current place of residence.
E-mail address *
Please enter your contact e-mail address.
Telephone number *
Please enter your contact telephone number.
Goals for the next season *
Please describe your goals for the current or the next season.
Time available for training *
Please specify your time available for training weekly.
Profession *
Please specify the type of your profession (employee, entrepreneur, businessperson, investor, etc.). Physical or intellectual work (a student)?
Preparation for specific events *
Are there any events that you are especially willing to get ready for?
Measuring devices *
Which measuring devices do you use during training sessions?
Data transfer *
Does your measuring device have the option to transfer a training file to the computer?
Efficiency tests and body monitoring *
Are you able to have the efficiency tests done to define your power at Lactate threshold and at aerobic threshold?
Strong points *
Describe in detail your predispositions.
Elements to be improved *
Describe in detail what you would like to improve.
Current training methods *
Describe your so-far training methods.
Other sports *
Name the prevailing sports that you do, beginning with the most important one. Name and describe.
Injuries, dysfunctions *
Describe the history of your injuries. This is vital for developing your individual training plan.
Equipment *
List the training equipment owned by you (e.g., a mountain bike, a road bike, a pedometer, running shoes, etc.). It is worth mentioning about the availability of a gym, sauna, etc.
Training diary *
Which training diary do you use? E.g., Training Peaks, Endomondo, WKO+, Polar ProTrainer 5, SportTracks, other diaries?
Diet plan *
Would you like to supplement your training with an individually developed nutrition plan?
Dietary consultation *
Would you like to avail yourself of a free consultation with our dietitian, Ms. Karolina Kozela?
Cyclo Trener Offer *
How did you learn about the Cyclo Trener offer?
Training experience *
Specify for how long you have been training.
A photo from a competition or training.
Please send your current competition / training photo to for structural assessment.
Self-evaluation *
To what extent are you able to devote yourself to sports?
I am not able to at all
I will do anything
Promotion Clause *
Do you consent to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of promoting the Cyclo Trener brand: in the news on, our Facebook profile, during presentations on training methodology, and within other activities promoting a healthy and active lifestyle? *
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