NABET-CWA TVS/CNN Employees NLRB Case Contact Information Form (Updated November 1, 2014)
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ruled that CNN violated the law in its treatment of Team Video Services (TVS) employees and in the way that it continues to treat CNN employees who perform broadcast services.  While CNN has chosen to prolong this injustice by appealing the NLRB order, we are encouraging the NLRB to begin the process of calculating the back pay owed to former TVS and current CNN employees so that payments to affected people can be made expeditiously after the decision is upheld.

If you were employed by TVS and not hired by CNN you are likely entitled to the difference between your actual earnings since the TVS contract was cancelled and what your earnings would have been under the NABET Agreement with TVS.  If you have been employed by CNN in one of the covered positions any time since the switch from TVS you are likely entitled to all of the benefits of the NABET Agreement that CNN has been failing to provide, including enhanced overtime provisions, penalties for missed meal breaks and other significant benefits.   Additionally the NLRB’s order requires CNN to pay you interest on any back pay and compensate you for any adverse tax consequences.  We believe that significant amounts of money will be paid out.  These back pay calculations can be complex.  We want to be sure that you get everything to which you are entitled.  That makes it vitally important that we have good contact information for you.

We will keep you informed of the status of CNN’s appeal, any further actions by the NLRB to begin the calculation of monies owed to you and our efforts to get CNN to make all of the affected parties whole.

Please complete this on-line form. Or you can complete and return a response card which is being mailed to you to provide the same information.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.
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