CustomRealms Trainee Application
It may take up to a week for a response on your application. If you don't fit the requirements for any of the questions below you will be instantly denied. If you are caught pasting a pre-made application it will result in a permanent ban!
Email Address
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Helper Application Requirements
Must be 14 years of age (w/ exceptions, but more requirements)

Must have at least 30 detailed forum posts.

Must have had no bans or mutes within 6 months of the creation of your application.

Must be able to dedicate a few hours a week to the server.

Must have a good reputation within the community.

Must have a history with being helpful and respectful to all players, especially new players.

Must have been part of the community for at least 2 months.

Must know the rules clearly.

Must have not submitted an application within 1 month of current application.​

(added requirements for players younger than 14)​

Must be vouched for by a current staff member.

Must be an outstanding member within the community.​

You can only send one application every other week.

Application Tips
Be helpful & active in-game and on the forums.

Be a role model in the community.

Follow the rules.

If you get denied, work on improving your application as much as you can.

Don’t apply every chance you get. Instead, work on improving your reputation in order to stand out as a helpful member of the community.

Quantity is important, as we do want you to add as much to your application as possible, however quality comes first. Don’t add too much irrelevant information just to get more words in.​
What is your IGN (In Game Name)
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What is your real name?
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How old are you?
You must be 14 or older to apply for this server. If you lie on the application and are caught it will be a 7 day ban, and you will no longer be able to apply for CustomRealms servers.
Do you have Skype and Discord; if not, can you download them if accepted?
Are you okay with verbal communication?
How many hours a week can you dedicate to CustomRealms if accepted?
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Do you have any experience with players as a staff member on Minecraft? What were your duties?
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Why do you want to become staff on CustomRealms?
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What would you like to achieve as a staff member?
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Have you been punished within the last 6 months?
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How long have you been apart of the CustomRealms network?
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What would the staff team benefit from accepting you?
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Is there anything else you would like to add?​
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Click "I accept" if you have put your best effort into making this application.
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