SEPTEMBER 22, 2012: THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN VISUALIZED, HOWEVER THE SPEAKER NOMINATION LIST IS NOW CLOSED FOR THIS YEAR'S EVENT. PLEASE DO ADD YOUR NAME BELOW IF YOU'D LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR SPEAKING AT FUTURE EVENTS. We’re saving a few speaking slots for great speakers to share their ideas. If you are someone, or you know of someone, that is doing something socially innovative and visually stunning with data that you’d like to nominate, we'd love to hear from you. Important: Speakers will get a free ticket to attend if selected, but we highly recommend that you buy a ticket now if you're planning on attending, and we will refund your full ticket price if you are selected. It's very likely the event will sell out before the selections are announced, and once the tickets are gone, they're gone. We're looking for examples of: ➽ Compelling narratives / stories / explanations with data at the center, but explained visually (ex: How Twitter is Influencing Communication, The Challenge of Landing Curiosity on Mars Safely) ➽ Interactive or graphic design created specifically to improve understanding of complex data for the public (ex: Interactive Visualization of where Tax Dollars Go, Who is Funding SuperPACs ) ➽ Data visualization being used in socially innovative way, specifically how it can help the public at large (ex: For Urban Planning, For Science, For Education) ➽ Creative uses of data visualization for art, experience, and experimentation (ex: Creative Coding, Generative Design, 3D printing) These are some things we're not looking for: • Business product pitches / business intelligence • Portfolio presentations showcasing multiple projects • Instructional presentations A few other notes: ➤ Due to limited stage time, we can't accept everyone no matter how creative they are, but maybe next time! ➤ Due to the planner's limited time, we may not be able to respond to all submissions, but we'll do our best ➤ We will contact you directly if the planning committee thinks you might be a good fit, so there is no need to reach out after you submit We look forward to hearing from you, and please make sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest news @visaulized note: by submitting this form, you're agreeing to allow us to add your name to the Visualized newsletter list; your information will never be given out to anyone.
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