2017 Culture Days @ Toronto Public Library Application
Please note: Applications submitted after midnight on May 3, 2017 will not be accepted.

The Toronto Public Library, the Neighbourhood Arts Network and Ontario Culture Days are pleased to continue Culture Days @ The Library for a seventh year. This exciting partnership was created to help artists and arts groups share their creative work with the public.

The Toronto Public Library is offering free venues to Toronto-based artists and arts organizations wishing to be part of Culture Days on September 29 and 30, 2017.

This program cannot provide any financial assistance for supplies or equipment; however, participants receive considerable admin, marketing and promotional support for their activity via the joint efforts of Culture Days, Toronto Public Library and Neighbourhood Arts Network.

Each year, approximately 40 TPL branches spanning the city will provide venues at no cost. The majority of activities will be scheduled on Saturday, September 30, with a limited number scheduled on Friday, September 29. For location and other details about each branch, go to http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/hours-locations/index.jsp

Terms of Reference and Permissions
Please check each item to demonstrate your understanding of and agreement to the terms and conditions of the Culture Days @ the Library program.
Main Contact Person
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Activity Organizer (Artist or Group Name)
Name of individual(s) or organization presenting this activity. If you are an individual presenting an activity, then this name will appear, in the "Organized by" field i.e.: "Still Life Drawing Workshop, Organized by John Doe". If you are registering an activity on behalf of an organization, your organization’s name will appear in this space i.e.: "Learn How to Tango, Organized by ABC Dance Studio".
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Type of Activity Organizer
Please choose the category that best describes you or your organization.
Contact email address
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Contact telephone number
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Social Media Handles
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Activity Name
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Short Activity Description
Please include a very short description of your activity (maximum 150 number of characters – i.e. 25 words). This description could be used in print promotions, ads, brochures and other kinds of promotional materials where space is limited. Culture Days, the Toronto Public Library and the Neighbourhood Arts Network (its staff and affiliates) reserve the right to edit activity descriptions for length and content.
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Activity Description
Describe in more detail the activity you are offering (maximum of 1800 characters - i.e. 300 words). Branch managers will identify activities of interest to their branch based on this description. Please tell us about the most unique, unusual or interesting details. Provide specific, concrete information about what people can expect to see, do, make, learn, explore, or experience at your activity. Culture Days, the Toronto Public Library and the Neighbourhood Arts Network (its staff and affiliates) reserve the right to edit activity descriptions for length and content.
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If you are an individual artist, please provide us with an artist biography. If you are applying as an organization, please provide a company profile. (max. 750 characters i.e., 125 words)
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Activity Date
Most Culture Days @ the Library activities will be scheduled on Saturday, September 30. Some TPL branches are also available for limited hours on Friday, September 29. Please select which dates you are available to participate. You will only be selected for ONE of these dates.
How long will your activity take?
How much time do you need for set-up before your activity?
How much time do you need for tear-down after your activity?
If you have selected over an hour of set-up or tear-down time, please briefly describe the set-up and tear-down requirements. (max. 250 characters)
Please be aware that complex set-up requirements may be difficult for some branches to manage.
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Equipment the Toronto Public Library can provide
TPL will provide the basic space, tables, chairs and access to electricity. You are responsible for any other supplies or materials you bring. Please specify the number of chairs and the number of 3 x 6 tables you will need for your activity as well as your electrical needs.
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Equipment you will bring
Please provide a list the equipment or materials will you be bringing for your activity.
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What type of activity are you offering to the public?
What is the format of your activity?
What kind of space is your activity suitable for?
What is the target audience for your activity?
What is the optimal number of participants for your activity?
For instance, if it is a hands-on activity, how many people can you reasonably engage with at once?
Area of the City
Please select which area(s) of the city you are willing to present your activity. Downtown locations are in high demand so we strongly urge you to select at least one other area of the city to improve your chances of being selected for the program. Many branches outside of the downtown experienced excellent attendance at their 2014 Culture Days activities..
Please choose an arts or culture category for your activity (maximum two).
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