Better Broadband Suppliers
If you are visiting this page you have been provided with a unique eligibility code that will allow you to obtain a subsidised connection from a supplier registered with the scheme.

Simply choose your area from the dropdown list below. The suppliers offer a range of technology solutions and you are advised to review each supplier prior to making your choice.

Each supplier website will explain how to order and redeem your code.

Technology Explained

Fixed Wireless: Fixed Wireless providers use specific frequencies of the radio spectrum to transmit their signals through the air (radio waves) and in a similar way to how mobile phone networks operate, doing away with wires. Most wireless providers only offer very limited coverage in specific/niche areas (e.g. rural villages).

Satellite: Satellites are effectively small autonomous space stations that are launched into orbit and used as specialised wireless transceivers (receiver/transmitters) to relay information between different points on the ground. Their high altitude above the Earth gives them almost 100% coverage of the UK, which is especially useful in remote rural areas.

Fixed 4G: 4G Broadband is a wireless data communication technology that utilises lower frequency radio spectrum (cell networks) to deliver internet access to almost anywhere. The service is usually accessed through a fixed antennae on the side of a property.

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