Affiliate Reimbursement Subsidy Program
Please complete the form below for each event for which you wish to request a CUE reimbursement.

Program Details:
Affiliates may request reimbursement through May 30 for any allowable expenses incurred from events between July 1 and May 30 of the same fiscal year. These must be events previously posted on

Affiliate treasurers (or their board designee) may request up to $500 per year in this fashion:

Each request must include a scanned, fully itemized receipt for the expense, and a separate form must be completed for each category of expense listed below.

The six categories of allowable expenses are:
1) keynote speaker honoraria or travel expenses (must not be a CUE or a CUE Affiliate board member)
2) online tool for tech fair or other affiliate event enhancement
3) event insurance,
4) room or equipment rental, including custodial expenses,
5) printing expenses, including programs, banners, handouts, and signage
6) election tool

CUE, Inc. will only issue reimbursement to the affiliate following receipt of a properly completed submission form for allowable expenses up to $500 per fiscal year, per affiliate. Payments will be issued to each affiliate within three months of submission for requested expenses.

Duplicate requests for reimbursement of the same expense will result in no reimbursement for that expense.

Please contact Jason Seliskar, Director of Affiliate Engagement with any questions regarding this policy at

From time to time, the CUE Board of Directors may amend the list of allowable expenses.

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