CUE STEAMpunk Mobile Lab Application
CUE STEAMpunk Guidelines and Requirements
The CUE STEAMpunk program operates under the following conditions:

The school will not apply until the following Apps are installed and functioning on the student devices (iOS or Android, Blockly will operate these devices via a Chromebook):

- Tickle App, Sphero App, Draw N drive, Sphero MacroLab (All are free)

The receiving school or district agrees to the following conditions:

- The teacher(s) will reflect on their experience in a public blog, submit their learning experience via an electronic document or agree to be interviewed for the CUE blog.

- Pictures of the students at work will be shared via email or social media using the #CUESTEAMpunk hashtag. (Student faces and identities may be avoided in the pictures.)

- The equipment will be returned in good working order and with all components in the supplied shipping box.

- In the event of damage or loss, the teacher(s) agree to resupply the CUE STEAMpunk items under an honor system model.

- The teacher(s) in possession of a CUE STEAMpunk kit agree to ship their kit back on time, so that OTHER students can enjoy the robots too.

YOU GET THE CUE STEAMpunk kit for ONE week (FIVE SCHOOL DAYS) from the time it arrives.

Now let's get onto the fun part!!

I certify that the device apps have been installed and are available to students. *
WE RECOMMEND the FREE Tickle App. It can take weeks to install apps in educational settings - to keep the Mobile Labs as available as possible, we require the apps to be INSTALLED BEFORE we ship.
I agree to ship the CUE STEAMpunk kit back on time (after 5 school days), so other classes can enjoy them. *
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My primary desire/plan for acquiring a CUE STEAMpunk kit is: *
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I would like to have my CUE STEAMpunk Mobile Lab kit show up around this date: *
Due to the nature of loaning devices, shipping times and other variables, we cannot guarantee kits being delivered on a certain time or date.
I will ship my CUE STEAMpunk Mobile Lab back on this date *
I agree to do the following as a condition of getting a CUE STEAMpunk Mobile Lab *
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Take pictures of students at work
Blog, write or share about your experiences with the CUE STEAMpunk Mobile Lab
Ship the kit out on time
BOT Selection Section - Remember, you are responsible for your kit.
Here's where you pick your 'Bot of choice!

NOTE: There are 3 Sphero 5 packs, the others are all single sets of four or five devices.

Sphero - Dash and Dot - Hot Wheels - Ozobot - Crossbraining Kit - Littlebits

Jumping Sumo - Touchjet Micro Projector Pack

Challenging: only for the most skilled teachers!
Parrot Cargo Drones - Piper

Choose a STEAMpunk Device *
Any questions or requests?
For more info - contact Jon Corippo
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