@vermontkkids123 2014-2015
Hello Everyone!

What an amazing, wonderful, fun and busy year we have had together. Please know how grateful I am for all of the support you and your amazing children have given. It is both an honor and privilege being able to be a kindergarten teacher, rather your child's kindergarten teacher.

In ending our time together soon I have a favor to ask. Would you all please take the time to complete this survey? As an educator and a learner I am always trying to make things better and more engaging for students and their families. Your feedback is important and I appreciate all of your perspectives. Through my ability to reflect I am also able to make changes and grow.

Thanks so very, very much for everything!

Did you look at the class blog with your child this year? *
How often did you check the class blog? *
Did you use the class wiki? *
Was it easy to access the class wiki? *
Did you interact with your child's Kidblog? *
Please share your feelings about Kidblog. *
What did you notice? Helpful for you, your child and family? If so, how?
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Did you look at our class Twitter? *
How often did you check our class Twitter? *
Please share your ideas about using Twitter as a way to connect and engage with your child's learning. *
What did you notice? Was it helpful? why/why not?
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Do you think having sessions on Twitter, Kidblog and how the iPads are used in early fall would be helpful to new families? *
Please share your thoughts. I am hoping to offer a variety of sessions earlier in the year.
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Please share anything else you want me to know.
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Overall how was your experience/your child's experience with Kindergarten? *
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Please list devices you use to connect with @vermontkkids123 *
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Please share your name. Also your Twitter name if you have one. *
I am hoping you will allude #familyconnect as a way to share your ideas moving forward. I will continue to facilitate a family chat each month. Hope you can join!
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