CSI Ministries Post-Trip Survey 2015-16
Thank you for serving with CSI Ministries and the local church. We pray that you are encouraged and challenged in your spiritual journey, and that you are closer to Christ because of your time in preparation and service.

We greatly appreciate your time in completing this survey. Your feedback and testimony are invaluable to the ministry. It helps us to share how God is moving and also help us better evaluate our processes to ensure future short-term mission teams continue to have positive experiences.

This survey should take no more than 15 minutes.

What field did you serve in?
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This Short-Term Mission experience was:
Please select all that apply
Please identify and rank the effectivenes of each way you prepared for your mission experience
Not effective at all
Somewhat effective
Most Effective
Attended more than two team meetings
Participated in personal or group prayer and/or fasting
Recruited prayer partners
Read "Before You Go" Devotional
Recruited financial partners
Prayed for missionary staff and local church leaders
visited by a CSI Ministries representative
Researched service field and its culture
Commissioned by home church
Please share one specific way that you experienced God during your preparation.
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Did you feel that you were prepared spiritually and practically?
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During preparation and/or the trip, please rate your relationship with the following people
Less than Average
Better than Average
CSI Ministries Team Director
CSI Ministries Field Staff/Missionaries
Your Team Leader
Your Fellow Team Members
Please share about one relationship which developed or deepened through the trip
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How would you rate the following aspects of your trip
Less than Average
Better than Average
Devotion and prayer time
Sunday worship
Ground transportation
Ministry objectives
Cultural experiences
Free time
Please share one specific way that you experienced God during your trip
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As you consider the overall purpose of the missions experience, please rate your agreement with the following descriptions.
This was...
I strongly disagree
I disagree
I neither agree nor disagree
I agree
I strongly agree
A week away from home
An opportunity to share my expertise and complete a project
A chance to experience a different culture
Fulfillment of my obligation to serve others
A chance to minister with the global Church
An opportunity to love and learn
A multi-month process of growing in faith and relationships
Please share a specific way you sense God prompting you to live differently.
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In what way(s) will you continue to support God's work through CSI Ministries?
(Please provide contact infomration to receive more information)
Based on your experience, what would you suggest that CSI Ministries do different to improve?
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