St. David School 2017 End of School Year Survey
How many students do you currently have enrolled at St. David School?
Will your students be returning for the 2017-2018 school year?
Please note that your decision to withdraw is very important to us and we would like to better understand your family's decision. Comment below:
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Did you attend St. David School?
How did your prior attendance influence your decision to enroll your student(s) at St. David School?
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Are you of members of you family parishoners at St. David of Wales Church?
Do you utilize St. David's "Willows" for before or after school care?
On average, how ofter do you utilize "ChoiceLunch" for your student(s)?
At St. David, we pride ourselves on being a family oriented community. Check all the activities you attend.
What source(s) of communication do you prefer to learn what is going on at St. David School? (check all that apply)
Comments on communication methods
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Does your student find the activities and experiences at St. David intersting and engaging? (please comment below)
Comments on activities and experiences
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What would you like to see in your student(s) classroom to ensure academic success?
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Have parent-teacher conferences and exchanges provided you with useful insights about student(s)?
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Do you have enough access to the school and teachers by phone, by email, and in person?
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Overall, do teachers and administrative staff address your questions in a thorough and timely manner?
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Does your student have access to a computer/internet?
Comments on computer and internet access
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How likely are you to recomment St. David to a family member, friend, or neighbor?
Not Likely
Very Likely
Are you satisfied with the education, activities, and foundation at St. David School? Please provide us with feedback to better serve our community and students.
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Please add any other comments here
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