Parent End of Year Survey
Help Mr. Gonzalez improve his Science education program here at Chimacum Middle School.

This year Mr. González used his class website,, his homework and daily work webpage,, and Bloomz to communicate all the goings on in 6th grade Science! Homework and daily work information was updated weekly and Mr. González sent Bloomz updates every single week this year! Mr. González also gave students feedback on their behavior in class at least once or twice every single week of the year so that parents can see how their child's behavior affects their learning! Also, every semester in Science standards were updated on Skyward with numerical scores to show whether kids were meeting standard or not. And finally, every single assignment and project and Science Lab was tracked on 3D GameLab so that parents and students can see exactly what they were learning and whether or not they were keeping up with their work and learning!

Thank you all for a great year!

Did your child have a good experience in Mr. Gonzalez's Science class this year?
Did you have a good experience having your child in Mr. Gonzalez's class for Science this year?
Did you use or find my homework/daily work website useful?
How helpful was my homework/daily work website?
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With regards to my home communication what worked for you and what didn't?
Did you prefer Bloomz or Email or another way?
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What could I have done better to help your child learn or enjoy Science?
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What could I have done better to communicate with you?
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What did I do this year that worked?
What should I definitely keep on doing?
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Is there anything else that you want me to know.
This is anonymous so go for it within reason (I can only do so much). :)
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