CRPS Community Education Network - Improving and Aligning
CRPS is inviting community feedback in relation to your vision for improving and aligning the high schools within our district to ensure that students continue to have a rich educational program. It is our hope that as we work together we can enhance the opportunities for the students of the Bow Valley. Our aim is to ensure that both of our high schools remain vibrant and viable. We invite you to participate in the discussion by completing this short questionnaire. We would like to hear your thoughts regarding future  possibilities,  challenges  and or  solutions  towards  the goal  of  moving  closer  to  aligning  the  high schools of CRPS.  

The purpose behind this discussion is to ensure both schools remain vibrant and viable within each community  and continue to support the needs of all the students throughout the district.

We would like to thank you in advance for sharing your feedback with us.

1. What do we need to maintain at our high school(s) to ensure that we have high quality learning opportunities for all students? *
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2. What are our fears? In other words, what do we NOT want our high schools to look like as we face our challenges to education in the Bow Valley? *
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3.What are some "blue sky" ideas for maintaining or improving high school education in the Bow Valley? What if..... *
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