Crossroads Fall Family Meal Signup

October 12-21 - Sign ups are now CLOSED A Crossroads Family Meal, at it's simplest, is a means to connect with others who call Crossroads "home". Even more, it's an opportunity to share with others in the goodness of God, to express dependence upon him as a community, and to celebrate all He's done with others in the family of God. There is so much value in slowing down and joining one another around the table to break bread and share stories of God's provision and presence in our lives. The table is where relationships are deepened, where family reconnects and where God's faithfulness is proclaimed. We invite you to the table to participate in a meal. It's our hope that these meals become a regular part of the rhythm of community at Crossroads. Friends opening their homes to those in the same neighborhood or with the same heartbeat and passions, making connections and developing true friendship and family. It's our way of making the larger Crossroads family smaller. These meals aren't just for new people...but for everyone. We hope it's a way to bring the mission of God into the ordinary...where we live. Please fill out the following information and read the other directions below. If you have any questions please email: Nikki |
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Family Meal Directions

Please choose one Family Meal below to join by marking the number of people attending. -Adults are high school age and above while children are middle school and below -Some meals have a particular "focus" (ie. missional heartbeat, neighborhood, street corner, or life season.) You are encouraged to consider that focus when choosing which meal to attend. -All food is provided unless stated otherwise -Please do NOT attempt to choose a meal thats labeled "FULL" before the name of the host(s) -Please do NOT choose more than TWO meals to attend -Please feel free to attend a meal in ANY location, whether it is in your neighborhood or not -Additional Questions & Answers can be found here: Before October 12, all the hosts will receive the information you've provided. They will then contact and invite you with directions to their home. Date | Time | Location | Number of People | Meal | Interest | Children? Answer the first question

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