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Crossref will be introducing DOI Event Tracker (DET), a new service that tracks activity surrounding a research work from potentially any web source where an event is associated with a DOI. The service is expected to launch in 2016. Any party wishing to join this phase is welcome to contact Jennifer Lin. DET registers a wide variety of events such as bookmarks, comments, social shares, citations, and links to other research entities, from a growing list of online sources.

For those who seek the highest level of service and a more flexible range of access options, Crossref will provide an SLA service for DET that will provide guaranteed uptime and response time to the latest raw data on the aggregate activity surrounding a DOI, support for questions and issues surrounding data and data delivery, flexible data access options and optimum retrieval rates and accelerated delivery speeds with the dedicated SLA API, and a host of other service features.

To register your interest in DET, please provide us information below. Your input will help us build a service that best suits your needs.

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